Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Greetings, Congressional Style

Peter Rodino (D-New Jersey) – Rodino 
was the chair of the House Judiciary 
Committee when Jordan served during
the Watergate Hearings.

Happy holidays from the Barbara Jordan Archives and Special Collections!  As this year draws to a close, we're reflecting on a tumultuous year in politics with a lot of division among party lines.  In Jordan's time, though, things weren't as divided.  There was more "across-the-aisle" camaraderie and socializing regardless of party affiliation.  It might be argued that this spirit of such a time in American politics is reflected in a sampling of Jordan's greeting cards from colleagues during the 1978 holiday season; of the twenty-five cards featured here, one-third are from Jordan's Republican congress-mates. 

From a more aesthetic viewpoint, it’s interesting to consider the card designs and styles:  many feature traditional family photos and husband/wife poses, while others feature a depiction of Capitol Hill or the seal of the House.  The fashions, the hairstyles, decor...all depict an American era gone by and allow for a step back in time.  (Notice, too, the duplication of a card or two; most holiday cards were, and are, printed in-house and made available to House and Senate members.)  Regardless of who sent the cards, though, the themes of family and America prevail, and regardless of the issues at hand and the battles waged between political opponents, holiday greetings were still exchanged.  We hope you enjoy looking though the selection, and have a great holiday!

John Rhodes (R-Arizona)
Robert McClory (R-Illinois)


Berkley Bedell (D-Iowa)


Charles H. Wilson (D-California)

Charlie Wilson (D-Texas) – Wilson was
a long-time personal friend of Jordan’s and 
the two often socialized outside of work.

Paul Simon (D-Illinois)

Elizabeth Holtzman (D-NY)  
Holtzman was the only other woman
than Jordan to serve on the Watergate
Committee for the House.

Gillis Long (D-Louisiana)

George Hansen (R-Idaho)
Walter Fauntroy (D-Washington DC)

James Corman (D-California)
Edward Jenkins (D-Georgia)

Howard Metzenbaum (D-Ohio)

Henry Waxman (D-California)

John Brademus (D-Indiana)
Senator Tennyson Guyer (R-Ohio)
Shirley Pettis (R-California)
Tom Corcoran (R-Illinois)
Senator Spark Matsunaga (D-Hawaii)
Abraham "Chick" Kazen, Jr. (D-Texas)

Jim Collins (R-Texas)

John Murphy (D-New York)
John Culver (D-Iowa)