Thursday, January 20, 2011

Letters to Ms. Jordan

The Barbara Jordan Archives contains thousands of pieces of correspondence from people who wrote to Jordan—mainly Jordan’s constituents—on a variety of topics, ranging from current issues, persons requesting assistance with legal or personal problems, requests for autographs and photos, and even fan mail. While most of Jordan’s correspondence is from the everyday people she represented in Washington, she also heard from many famous and influential people, both in and out of politics. Here’s a letter from Sargent Shriver, who died on January 18, 2011 at the age of 95. Shriver was married to Eunice Kennedy, sister of President John F. Kennedy. Shriver was the former Ambassador to France, a director of the Peace Corps, and a running mate to George McGovern in the former’s unsuccessful Presidential bid in 1972; Shriver himself ran for President unsuccessfully in 1976. Shriver was also the father of news correspondent and journalist Maria Shriver (otherwise known as Mrs. Arnold Schwartzenegger and former first lady of California). Shriver took the occasion to write Jordan a congratulatory letter upon her reelection to Congress in 1974.

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