Wednesday, September 22, 2010


(Editor's note: this post was originally published February 3, 2010.)

We hit a snag today. We are in the process of trying to get the scanner in the Barbara Jordan Archives room to operate. We want to get pictures of our findings, such as the lovely high school yearbook made available for our readers and fans to see on this blog and on her facebook page. Mademoiselle informed me today that the processed portion of the Barbara Jordan Archives is roughly 366 linear feet. In other words, if you add together every archival box containing her documents, it is almost the equivalent to the length of a basketball court.Within Barbara Jordan's papers, we were able to discover a newsletter addressed to Ms. Jordan highlighting an African American golfer. Mademoiselle was amazed that black golfers other than the well known and almost infamous golfer Tiger Woods were attending the master series, even back then.

Barbara Jordan had collected copies of Newsweek where presidents had made the front page headlines. We also found a monthly issued magazine titled encore and dated August 1974 with Jordan on the cover. We also found an old Time magazine dated August 5, 1975 where she wrote "save book" in her own hand ontop. The cover of the magazine had Chairman Rodino on the front, and was titled The Vote to Impeach.In the magazine, Barbara Jordan highlighted everything that pertained to her in the article and in the impeachment.

There was also a picture of Barbara Jordan in the article. The highlighted portions were " Texas Democrat Barbara Jordan loomed and boomed like some elemental force, her cultivated accent and erudition surprising each time she spoke..." "...The opposing viewpoints on specificity were best expressed by Sandman and Jordan." "...Jordan (referred to as "the gentlelady" by Rodino) noted that the President was not being deprived of any information or due process. His lawyer James St. Clair had been permitted to sit through all the committee hearings on the evidene, receive all the documents given committee members, and cross-examine witnesses. "That was due process," she said. "Due process tripled, due process quadrupled."

The Nixon loyalists, she charged, were using "phantom arguments, bottomless arguments." How facinating to see quotes of her involvment in the impeachment of President Nixon in this old Time Magazine. Jordan had used a paperclip as a placeholder for the article. On a lighter note, mademoiselle and I wished we could go back to the days when a Time magazine was only going for 60 cents. We also had a laugh when we saw an old picture of a Toyota Corrolla 1200 advertisement in the magazine with a sticer price of $2,299.

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