Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy birthday, Barbara Jordan

February 21, 2013, marks what would have been Jordan's 77th birthday. Though we are past the 76th year mile marker by one year, we thought it would be fun to mark the occasion with some rare images from Jordan's participation in the Constitutional Bicentennial (1776-1976) planning events.  Jordan was active in fundraising and promotion for both national events and Texas state events for the Bicentennial. Below are images from Jordan addressing the House of Representatives in 1974 concerning the upcoming Bicentennial  (including a rare color image of Jordan at the podium), and a shot of a 1976 commemorative medal given to Jordan and other Congressional members that is housed in the archives museum.

Jordan addresses the House, September 24, 1974.

September 24, 1974

The House adjourns, September 24, 1974

Commemorative Bicentennial medal, 1976

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  1. Barbara Jordan was so amazing. I had a civics class at East Los Angeles Junior College. Though I attended other private U's with bigger more lofty reputations, one of the finest teachers I had as a Dr. Jenson at ELAC. She said this and it proved to be true, "I don't care what your faith or unbelief is. When you listen to Barbara Jordan, you get religion." Jenson's statement had nothing to do with organized religion, and everything to do with a regard for other human beings and concern about doing what is right and good. Honoring the memories of Dr. Jenson and Barbara Jordan,