Thursday, February 7, 2013

National Prayer Breakfast

Today is the 61st annual National Prayer Breakfast. The event, which is actually not just a breakfast but a series of meetings, luncheons, and dinners, was established in 1953 by President Eisenhower. The Breakfast is designed to be a forum for political, social, and business leaders to assemble and build relationships with each other. Every president since Eisenhower has spoken at the National Prayer Breakfast, and over the years the event has inspired many communities (civic, religious, and political) to hold similar events. 

Jordan attended the 1978 event (presided over by President Carter) and offered the Prayer for National Leaders.

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  1. Whenever I listened to her, I got religion. We need another BJ for these times. I'm trying to think of someone who is the Barbara Jordan of our day. Any ideas? Thanks for posting. Peace and all good,