Tuesday, October 12, 2010

(Editor's note: this post was originally published February 11, 2010.)

Good Hope Baptist Church and Responder

We are in luck, a big admirer of Barbara Jordan e-mailed me on facebook and donated a picture, located at the left of Barbara Jordan amongst other members of the Houston Chapter of the Links. (Barbara Jordan is in the top row in the center). I was so excited, that I called the admirer, and found out that she is an attorney here in Houston, and has been for a very long time. The admirer was also the National Bar Association President from 1990-1991. We made an appointment with her assistant to meet with her, and she said she has alot of other pictures and items she would like to share with us concerning Barbara Jordan and herself. I look forward to posting all of that right here on our blog, and on facebook. If you would like to visit Barbara Jordan's facebook, simply search her on facebook and request to be her friend. I manage her online accounts.Me and Mademoiselle also made efforts to get in touch with Barbara Jordan's Church so that we can try and make connections with her remaining family. Barbara Jordan attended Good Hope Baptist Church 2905 Cushing Street Houston, Texas 77026. I plan to make a visit next week with the hope that her family still attends. I want to try and see if I can get in touch with Barbara Jordan's remaining living family.
We don't know much about what is currently going on with Barbara Jordan. Some of the questions we would like answered concern her descendants, legacy, etc. We hope that in our meeting with the admirer, we can gain more incite. Barbara Jordan's b-day is comming up, and we would like to have something BIG to show for it. I plan to redo Barbara Jordan's Brochure, and do a powerpoint slide show before her b-day.Lady- signing out

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