Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Beginnings

Time passes, seasons change...and it's been a long time without updates to our blog. There are some new faces at Texas Southern University's Special Collections and the Barbara Jordan Archives--processing of the Barbara Jordan Papers is getting ready to kick into overdrive, and so the adventures continue. Going forward, we will continue to share interesting finds in the collection, along with the stories behind them.

Our first post in several months feels like a new beginning--so it seems fitting that we share this letter, which was discovered in a box marked "Pamphlets." The letter is Jordan's 1971 response to the Special Collections curator at the time, D. H. Chapman, who asked Jordan to consider depositing her papers with Texas Southern University--remember, at this time, Jordan had only been in the Texas Senate since 1966 and had not yet made the jump to the House of Representatives. It is interesting to read Jordan's observations that her political and personal works were "only beginning" and that she didn't yet have a collection "suitable for deposit." We've come a long way, Ms. Jordan!

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